Jewish Holiday of Sukkot


Festival of Sukkot

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When is Sukkot? Begins at sundown on October 9, 2022, September 29, 2023; October 6, 2024; October 6, 2025; September 25, 2026; October 15, 2027; October 4, 2028; September 23, 2029; October 11, 2030

About Sukkot

The joyous festival of Sukkot celebrates the forty years the Jewish people wandered through the desert after leaving Egypt. During this time, they lived in temporary shelters, called “Sukkahs”.

The holiday lasts seven days, beginning five days after Yom Kippur. During the first two days, no work is permitted.

A major symbol of this festive holiday is the “Sukkah”, the temporary dwelling in which the Jewish people lived while wandering through the desert. Traditional Jewish tradition requires that the Sukkah be built, decorated, and lived in during the week of Sukkot. It is used to eat and sleep in.

Did you know? The American Thanksgiving bears similarities to this festive holiday and shares some biblical roots.

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Important Note: Many Jewish holidays begin at sunset. Some internet websites record these holidays on the first full day, while others sites state the date when it begins at sunset.

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