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Square Dance Day

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When is Square Dance Day? This holiday is always observed on November 29

Today is Square Dance Day. This November 29 holiday is lots of fun. All you need is a partner, a barn, and a band. This is your chance to get out and “Dosey Do”, and to swing your partner round and round.

This popular form of dancing has been around in America for a couple hundred years. English, Irish, and Scottish settlers brought square dancing to the U.S. As it evolved in the U.S., a caller was added, to help dancers stay in step. It remains popular among southern and western rural areas, and with senior citizens. If there’s a dance in a barn, it’s certain to be square dancing.

Couples square dance in circles or square formations. It’s lively and quick, and lots of fun.

This form of dancing is both fun, and great exercise. Medical sites and journals speak to the health benefits for people of all ages.

Are you looking to enjoy square dancing for a whole month? September is International Square Dance Month.

How to Celebrate Square Dance Day

  • Swing your partner, dosey do!
  • Look for a barn dance.
  • Join a square dancing group. No partner? Don’t worry, many groups will have a dancing partner for you.
  • Learn more about this dance form.
Square Dance Band

Today's Quote

“Find fitness and fun with dancing. It is fun and makes you forget about the dreadful exercise.” – – Paula Abdul

History and Origin of Square Dancing Day

The origin of this day is unknown. Our research did not uncover the roots or the creator of this holiday. But, don’t miss the opportunity today to “Swing your partner” to the lively beat!

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