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National Hangover Day

Date When Celebrated : Always January 1

It's ingrained in our culture, to bring in the New Year with a whole lot of optimism, anticipation, and alcohol. Millions of us partied last night, and we partied very hard. For many of us, the biggest drinking night of the year, is followed by the biggest hangover of the year. For this very reason, today is called National Hangover Day

Fortunately, most of us have the day off, so we can nurse our hangovers by sleeping, in, taking aspirin, and tomato juice, and perhaps "a little bit of the dog that bit us"!

Normally, we think of ways to "celebrate" special days. For this special day, the goal is to just get through it.  

Other Names: This special day is also called "Bad Hangover Day"

Related Holidays: New Years Eve and Day

Origin of National Hangover Day:

Our research did not identify he creator of this day, or when it began.

There is no evidence to suggest that this is truly a "National" day, which requires an act of congress. and/or a presidential proclamation. We suspect, that the government, along with the rest of the general population, was too hung over to address the issue of making this a national day.

Flower of the Day: Nasturtium

Recipe of the Day: Egg Cheese Sauce

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