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Crossword Puzzle Day

crossword, puzzle, puzzles, day, crosswords

Date When Celebrated : Always December 21

Crossword Puzzle Day is today. it is very puzzling to me, why this special day would be so close to Christmas. While we love crosswords, who has time to do them right now!?

Well, it just so happens that crossword puzzles were created and published on this day in1913. It was published in the New York World newspaper. Arthur Wynne is credited with creating the modern crossword puzzle.These puzzles became so popular, that competitions were held, to see who was the fastest to complete them correctly.

We sure hope you find some time this busy holiday season, to complete a crossword puzzle today.

Origin of Crossword Puzzle Day:

Our research found out a lot of information about crossword puzzles and their history. We did not uncover the creator of this special day, or when it was first celebrated. This is very puzzling.

Recipe of the Day:

May we suggest: Dump Cake

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