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About Singles Awareness Day

When is Singles Awareness Day? This holiday is always observed on February 15

Singles Awareness Day is today. This February 15 holiday will warm your heart on a cold winter’s day. It is for those who are unattached, and without a significant other. It is celebrated the day after Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day celebrates love and romance for those currently in a relationship. However, if you are in between relationships, and without a significant other, you may feel left out. Valentine’s Day can be depressing. So, the day after Valentine’s Day is your day.

Open yourself up to the possibility. It isn’t always easy to find love. But, it could be right around the corner. It could be today. However, you’re more likely to find true love is more when you smile, look your best, and maintain a positive attitude toward the possibility.

Singles Awareness Day traditions include:

  • Singles get together. It’s a chance to meet.
  • Singles give each other gifts
  • Spend a little time on online dating sites
  • You can celebrate and enjoy the fact that you are unattached.

How to Celebrate Singles Awareness Day

  • Get out and about. You can’t find love sitting at home.
  • Look for places where singles congregate. Then, go there.
  • Go on dating sites. Browse around and make contact
  • Take a chance. Say hello and start a conversation with that someone who has caught your eye, yet you’re shy or afraid to make contact. There’s no reward without some risk.

Today's Inspiration

Love is like paint… it makes things beautiful when you spread it, but dries up if you don’t use it.

Cupid with Arrow

History and Origin of Singles Awareness Day

Our research found references to Dustin Barnes from Mississippi State University as the creator of this day. Yes, Dustin was single at the time. Did he find love on Single’s Awareness Day? We are still searching for the answers. But, the romantic in us thinks so.

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