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About UN International Peace Day

When is UN International Peace Day? Since 2002, it is always on the 21st of September. Prior to this change, it was celebrated on the 3rd Tuesday of September.

UN International Peace Day is a September 21 holiday. It was created by a vote of the United Nations General Assembly in 1981. This day is dedicated to establishing and promoting World peace. It is celebrated by countries around the world. World peace is a valuable and worthy proposition. You would think it easy to accomplish, as no one really wants war and unrest. Unfortunately, complete world peace still proves unattainable. This is not to say that it is impossible, or even that the world has not moved in this direction. The world is truly more peaceful today than it was yesterday or the day before.

World Peace, what a hopeful thought. What an important goal. Unfortunately, world peace has evaded humanity throughout history.  While it has certainly been elusive, the optimistic character of human nature causes us to believe it is possible to attain.

How to Participate in UN International Peace Day

You might ask how one person like yourself can do anything to promote world peace. Here are a few ideas:

  • Support organizations that work toward world peace.
  • Join an organization that worlds toward world peace.
  • Write to your national leaders. 

Today's Quote

“You can not shake hands with a clenched fist.'” – – Indira Gandhi

History and Origin of UN International Peace Day

International Peace Day was created by a vote of the United Nations General Assembly in 1981. This day is dedicated to establishing and promoting World peace.

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