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When is National Hugging Day? This holiday is always celebrated on January 21

Today is National Hugging Day, a January 21 holiday. What a great day it’s going to be! Today is an opportunity to give and to receive. Give a hug, and you automatically receive one in return. Sure, someone might not hug back. But, how often does that happen!?!

Hugs are loving. They are therapeutic. Hugs are caring. They are celebratory, too.  And, they make you feel good inside. It is a way to say everything is or will be okay. Have you ever received one from someone who didn’t care? I didn’t think so. That’s proof positive that you’re loved and cared about.

Celebrate today by giving the “big squeeze” to family, friends, and loved ones. You’ll love the warm feeling you get.  

How to Participate in National Hugging Day

  • Greet everyone you meet with a big smile. Immediately follow that up with a big, friendly hug.
  • Kids don’t forget a big squeeze to hug your teddy bear and all of your other stuffed animals.
  • Hug your pets, too.

Please Note: It might not be wise to go up to strangers and give them a big squeeze.

Today's Quote

“There’s a long life ahead of you and it’s going to be beautiful, as long as you keep loving and hugging each other.”  – – Yoko Ono

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History and Origin of National Hugging Day

National Hugging Day was created in 1986 by Reverand Kevin Zaborney from Caro, Michigan. Strangely, this day is copyrighted. One would think that hugs should be given freely and without recourse. Regardless, we are thankful to Reverend Zaborney for creating this day and would love to thank him with a great, big hug.

We did not find any documentation confirming this to be a “National” day. And, we found no congressional records or presidential proclamation.

Definition of “National” Days

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