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Working Parents Day

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About Working Parents Day

Date When Celebrated: Working Parents Day is always observed on September 16

Working Parents Day, a September 16 holiday, gives recognition to moms and dads who work hard to provide for their children. They have two jobs. First, they are raising kids and taking care of the family. Then, everyday dad, and often mom, go off to work. They work hard to earn money to make ends meet. They work hard to be able to afford the extras that kids want and need. This includes things like school trips, funding the proms, athletics, music, dance classes, clubs, and much, much more.

Today is a chance for the kids to show a little appreciation. We suggest doing the dishes, cleaning up, and overall doing extra chores around the house. If you are old enough, make dinner for the folks.

Important Note: This day speaks to “working parents” we believe that “stay at home moms and dads” fit this classification, too. They just might work harder than anyone.

How to Celebrate Working Parents Day

  • This is not a day of gift-giving. It is a day to show appreciation and to help out.
  • Kids, let mom and dad know you appreciate all that they do.  
  • Don’t add any additional burden or request of them on this day.
  • Make dinner f you are old enough. Definitely wash, dry, and put away the dishes tonight.

Today's Quote

“The first half of our lives are ruined by our parents, the second half by our children.” – – Clarence Darrow

History and Origin of Working Parents Day

We found no factual information about this special day. Most likely it originated from a child, or a group of children, who wanted to give some thanks and appreciation to their hard-working parents.

Or, perhaps it was a working parent who needed a break. Yet, when it came time to document this day and claim ownership of it, they were too tired to write about it.

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