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Wife Appreciation Day

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Wife Appreciation Day

Date When Celebrated: Wife Appreciation Day is observed on the third Sunday in September

The objective of this special day is for wives without children to receive appreciation from their husbands. Mother’s Day is for wives with children. So, today is an opportunity for husbands in a childless marriage, to recognize the value of their wives. Let her know how important she is to you, and how much she is appreciated. Wife Appreciation Day is a day that she truly deserves.

It should be very easy to show appreciation to your wife, for who she is, and for all the great things she does for you. You know her well, her likes and dislikes. Begin the day by telling her that she is appreciated. Give her a few examples of why. Then, select a couple of things she likes or likes to do, and make it happen. Giving her a gift is perfectly okay, but it is not a requirement.

While this day was originally intended to honor wives in a childless marriage, we encourage all husbands to show appreciation for their wives on this day. Showing your appreciation today is a basic ingredient for a long and happy marriage. As the old saying goes: “Happy wife, happy life.” Certainly, this is true.

Gentlemen, you will get your day, too. It’s in April……. Husband Appreciation Day

How to Celebrate Wife Appreciation Day

  • Buy her flowers.
  • Send her a card.
  • Take her to dinner.
  • Make dinner at home. You do the dishes, too.
  • Simply and honestly tell her how much you appreciate her.

Today's Quote

“Never laugh at your wife’s choices. You are one of them.”

History and Origin of How to Celebrate Wife Appreciation Day

Our research did not identify the creator of this special day. From what documentation we have seen, the assumption is that this special day was created by a childless husband or wife. 

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