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UK National Fitness Day

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About UK National Fitness Day

Date When Celebrated: This holiday is observed on the fourth Thursday in September

Today is National Fitness Day in the United Kingdom. It was created to celebrate the fun of fitness and physical exercise. According to the creators, this day is intended to “inspire people to commit to changing their routines by adding physical exercise and workouts for a lifetime of better health”.

Most people know full well, that physical exercise and a regular routine of working out leads to a healthier, more energetic life. Perhaps best of all, it can extend your life by many, many years. So, why is it so hard to do? Why is it so easy to slip and get away from taking the best of care of our bodies? For one thing, it takes time and dedication. We all have busy schedules. It is an easy “cop out” to say we’re too busy to go to the gym. Secondly, going to the refrigerator to grab a bite to eat or a bottle of beer, is much easier than working out or jogging for a half hour or so. And, walking back and forth to the refrigerator is exercise, isn’t’ it!?

Today, the excuses must stop. Today is a call to action, a call to help you to live years longer and to live healthier for longer. Put on your jogging shorts and shoes and hit the pavement. Or, head off to the gym and begin to tone up those muscles, while you improve your lung capacity and heart health. Before your head hits the pillow tonight, you have one more task that you must perform. Pull out your calendar for the month and pencil in a regular and routine time on your calendar to continue what you’ve started today.  Better still, mark it on your calendar in ink, so you can’t erase it!

Happy National Fitness Day!!


How to Celebrate UK National Fitness Day

  • Go to the gym and get some exercise.
  • Dust off your treadmill and get a workout.
  • Take a jog outdoors.
  • Join a friend in a long hike.

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There are two “National Fitness” days. There is one in the U.S. in May. The other is in the United Kingdom, and is celebrated in September. It is great to have a day in these two countries to promote physical health and well being. However, this is an issue for all human beings all over the planet. We might suggest that the creators of these two important holiday events, get together to expand this to an international holiday held on a single date. Short of that, we encourage people all over the world to celebrate both of these days by doing things to get healthy and to stay healthy. 

U.S. National Fitness Day

Today's Quote

“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” – – President John F. Kennedy

History and Origin of UK National Fitness Day

This holiday event in the United Kingdom was created in 2014.  It was initiated by Sanofi and PPP Health Care. It is the biggest celebration of physical activity in the United Kingdom.

This day is referred to as a “National” Day. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm this as we have no access to historical records of the British parliament. We also have not heard of any proclamation from Queen Mum about this day.

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