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Skyscraper Day

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Skyscraper Day

Date When Celebrated: Skyscraper Day is always observed on September 3

Skyscraper Day is a day to appreciate and admire the world’s tallest skyscrapers.

Skyscrapers are truly engineering and architectural marvels. In many crowded cities, space is in short supply, and real estate prices are ever-increasing. Building “up” becomes more and more logical. As technical capabilities in construction improved, skyscraper buildings have become taller and taller. In addition, there is a certain prestige to having one of the tallest buildings in the world in your city and country.

The  10-story Home Insurance Company building in Chicago, IL was the first skyscraper. Construction began on May 1, 1884, and was completed in 1885. It was also the first building to use a steel frame. The building was demolished in 1931.

A Tall Debate: There is some disagreement over how to measure the height of skyscrapers. At issue, is whether to measure the height of flagpoles and antennas atop most tall buildings. 


Did You Know? The Empire State Building in New York City was the world’s tallest skyscraper when it was built in 1931. Now, it ranks #55.

Have a very happy Skyscraper Day.

World's Tallest Skyscrapers






Year Built

1Burj KhalifaDubai2,7171632010
2Merdeka 118Kuala Lumpur2,2271182022
3Shanghai TowerShanghai, China2,073.1212014
4Abraj Al-Bait Clock TowerMecca, Suadi Arabia1,9711202014
5Ping An International TowerShenzhen, China1,9651162016
55Empire State BuildingNew York, NY1,25041021931

How to Celebrate Skyscraper Day

  • Read and learn about skyscrapers.
  • Go up to the top of a skyscraper, even if it is not one of the world’s largest.

Today's Quote

“There’s only one way to have a happy marriage, and as soon a I find out what it is, I’ll get married again.” – – Clint Eastwood

History and Origin of How to Celebrate Skyscraper Day

We found no factual information about this special day. But, we do find skyscrapers to be fascinating.

Reader Comments:.

“Skyscraper day is on September 3rd because that is Louis H. Sullivan’s birthday (1856), the architect credited with the first skyscrapers.”  Nathan Bird, Sparks, Nevada

A couple of internet websites incorrectly refer to this as “National Skyscraper Day” It is not a national day. If anything, it should be an International or World day, as only one skyscraper in the United States rank among the top ten. It is the One World Trade center which ranks number 7.

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