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International Rabbit Day

Rabbit Day

About International Rabbit Day

Date When Celebrated: International Rabbit Day is observed on the Fourth Saturday in September

Rabbits are found all over the world. International Rabbit Day seeks to protect rabbits as both pets and in the wild. Not everyone loves them. While kids and even adults love their little bunny pets, farmers, gardeners, and even many homeowners see them as pests that eat their hard-earned crops and flowers. And, in many countries, they are a source of food.

Animal rights groups and humane societies are active promoters of this special day. Their objectives are to promote healthy, caring environments for rabbits that are raised as pets, and those living in the wild. They also seek to stop the use of rabbit furs and the use of rabbits on restaurant menus.

Did you know? Worldwide, rabbits are the third most popular pet, behind dogs and cats.

How to Celebrate International Rabbit Day

  • Celebrate this special with your pet bunny.
  • Learn a little more about rabbits and how to properly care for their needs.
  • If you don’t have a pet, maybe today is the day to get a pet bunny!
  • Support animal rights organizations.

Rabbit Trivia

  • They lick each other as a sign of affection
  • They can turn their ears 180 degrees. Can you!?
  • They are exceptional jumpers and can jump up to 2 feet high.
  • They sleep with their eyes open.
  • As pets they can be liter trained.
  • Rabbits live 8 to 12 years.
  • Their teeth never stop growing.
  • They live in groups in an underground home called a “warren”.
  • A few carrots are good for them. A lot of carrots are not.
  • Rabbits and Hares belong to different species of the same family. 

Today's Quote

“The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.” – – Mother Teresa


History and Origin of International Rabbit Day

This event appears to have originated in the UK. Its popularity quickly multiplied (like rabbits!), spreading first to Australia, and then on to the rest of the world.

Most internet websites point to an organization called “Rabbit Charity” in the United Kingdom, as the originator of this special day. Unfortunately, the website for this group has gone dark, so we have been unable to contact them to find more information about the origin of this day.

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