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National and World Play-Doh Day

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About World Play-Doh Day

Date When Celebrated: This special day is always observed on September 16

Now here’s a holiday that just can’t be limited to being “national” in scope. Play-Doh is a popular child’s toy around the world. Originally, it was named National Play-Doh Day. However, in 2015, Hasbro Toys, the creator of this special day, wisely changed the title of this holiday to World Play-Doh Day. 

Both World Play-Doh Day and National Play-Doh Day celebrate a great childhood play toy. Play-Doh was invented in the mid-1950s. It has entertained millions of children, allowing them to express their creativity, both at home and in the classroom.

The invention was simple. A schoolteacher wanted a safe modeling clay for her pre-schoolers. She asked her brother-in-law Joseph McVicker, who worked at a chemical company, to come up with something. The result was simple….flour, water, and food coloring.

Did You Know? Play-Doh was inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame in 198.

How to Celebrate World Play-Doh Day

It’s fun and easy to celebrate World Play-Doh Day and National Play-Doh Day. Simply pull out the Play-Doh and ……Play! There are other brands of play clay on the market. However, having raised three children, this author has never seen a better brand.

Also, another way to celebrate is to give this modeling clay out to children you know.

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“Sometimes the most brilliant and intelligent minds do not shine ins standardized tests because they do not have standardized minds.” – – Diane Ravitch

History and Origin of Play-Doh Day

Joseph McVicker of Kutol Chemicals in Cincinnati, Ohio created Play-Doh in 1955. It hit the market in 1956 and has been a popular play toy ever since. It was created because McVicker’s sister-in-law wanted a safe, clay-like product for her nursery school children to use. Noah and Joseph McVicker received U.S. Patent No. 3,167,440 for Play-Doh.

Hasbro Toys, the current makers of Play-doh, say it a little differently. On their website, they state: “The story of PLAY-DOH modeling compound begins in 1956 when scientists at Rainbow Crafts, a Cincinnati soap and cleaning compound company, stumbled upon a new use for the unique dough-like cleaning product. The company realized this product’s potential as a child’s modeling compound; and thus, the original, reusable compound was born.”

Also, in 2006, Hasbro changed the title to World Play-Doh Day, to recognize the toy’s popularity around the world.

In the years that it was titled a national day, we found no congressional or presidential proclamation making it a true national day.

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