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Pardon Day

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About Pardon Day

Date When Celebrated: Pardon Day is always observed on September 8

Pardon Day is today. It’s an opportunity to seek or offer forgiveness where needed. Today is also a day to say “Pardon Me” or Excuse Me” as appropriate. In today’s busy society, too many people race about their lives, forgetting the small courtesies in life. Among the easiest things to let slip by, is etiquette and manners.

Use this day to reaffirm your manners. Say “Pardon Me” or “Excuse Me” as appropriate. People will like you more. And your mom will be so proud!

You can also use this day to seek pardon or forgiveness for mistakes and grievances you have committed. Take the opportunity to clean the slate and start anew.

Also, see Forgiveness Day. This day, celebrated in June, has substantiated roots and history.

How to Celebrate Pardon Day

  • Pardon or forgive others.
  • Ask to be pardoned as appropriate.
  • Say “pardon me” as required by good manners.

Today's Quote

“Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.” – – John Lennon

History and Origin of Pardon Day

The roots of this day go back to September 8, 1974. On this day, newly installed President Gerald Ford issued a Presidential Proclamation pardoning President Richard M. Nixon of any wrongdoing related to the Watergate scandal.


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