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Neither Rain Nor Snow Day

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About Neither Rain Nor Snow Day

Date When Celebrated: This holiday is always observed on September 7

Right now, we bet you’re thinking “this special day is about a tranquil weather day with neither rain nor snow”  ….wrong. Here’s the real scoop on this special day…. Neither Rain Nor Snow Day celebrates the opening of the first post office, the New York Post Office building on this day in 1914.

The following inscription was inscribed on the building:

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night, stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

Here is the second misconception: A lot of people assume the inscription represents the Post Office motto. This assumption is incorrect. But, this inscription is very close to the old Pony Express rider’s motto. This leads to a third misconception.. ……The Pony Express was not a government-funded predecessor to today’s Post Office. The Pony Express was a courier and message delivery service. However, it was privately owned and funded.

Now that we have the history and trivia out of the way, let’s go and enjoy the day. We hope you use Neither Rain Nor Snow Day to show your appreciation to your postal delivery people, especially those who walk their routes.

How to Celebrate Neither Rain nor Snow Day

Go to the post office to mail a package or letter. Chances are, you haven’t been inside a post office in quite some time. So, once you’re there, explore their services. You just might be surprised at what they offer.

Read up on the history of the Post Office.

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“Flowers are restful to look at. They have neither emotions nor conflicts.” – – Sigmund Freud 

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History and Origin of Neither Rain Nor Snow Day

We know a lot about the beginning of the post office and the postal service in general. However, we found no factual information about this special day. We do not know who started this day, and we don’t know why. 

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