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Defy Superstition Day

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About Defy Superstition Day

Date When Celebrated: Defy Superstition Day is always observed on September 13

Defy Superstition Day is your opportunity to break those superstitious beliefs that you have been living with most, or all, of your life. Defy Superstition Day is a September 13 holiday for a reason. It defies the superstition around the number 13 being unlucky.

Many people have a long list of superstitions. Tops on the list is the unlucky number 13. Black cats are also an object to be wary of. Walking under a ladder has always been viewed as something to avoid (actually, there is some logic to this superstition). The list goes on, and on, and on.

Did you Know? Hotels do not have a 13th floor or a room #13. Hotels usually do not have any room that ends in #13. It’s all because people are superstitious about this number.

Defy Superstition Day was created to help you to eliminate superstitions that have been haunting you. Use today as it is intended……. to blow away the superstitions in your life.   

How to Celebrate Defy Superstition Day

  • Walk under a ladder.
  • Let a black cat walk across your path.
  • Buy a black cat for a pet.
  • Walk on a crack.
  • Use the number 13 when purchasing a lottery ticket.
  • Use the number 13 at the casino.
  • Throw away your rabbit’s foot.
  • Stop your habit of knocking on wood.
  • Break a mirror.
  • Open an umbrella indoors.
  • Put a hat on your bed.
  • Toss your four-leaf clover

Today's Quote

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” – – Aesop

History and Origin of Defy Superstition Day

We found no individual or group who claims to have originated this special day. There’s no superstition involved here. The creator simply was remiss in recording himself as the originator.

This special day dates back to at least 1999.

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