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Bring Manners to Work Day

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About Bring Manners to Work Day

Date When Celebrated: Bring Manners to Work Day is observed on the first Friday in September

Did you notice that people seem to be overly engrossed with their cell phones and their busy lives nowadays? We seem to have forgotten our manners. Good social behaviors, politeness, and respect are lacking everywhere you look. Nowadays, many people skip the simple things like saying please and thank you. Having good manners and being polite, have taken a back seat at work, at home,e and on the Internet. Yes sir, Bring Your Manners to Work Day is today and has come along at just the right time. This day is celebrated across all industries and professions, and it applies to everyone without exception.

 Bring Your Manners to Work Day exists to remind us of how important good manners are at work. This applies to both employees and the “boss”. Here are a couple of examples: You want a day off and you say to your supervisor “I want to take Tuesday off.” You’ll get a much better reception if you say “May I please take Tuesday off?”  How many times have you heard your boss say something like “Get me last week’s sales report.” You’ll likely do it quicker, and your moral will be better if the boss says “Would you please get me last week’s sales report?” Saying please and thank you is a basic example of good manners and should be used everywhere. Using good manners at work reaps significant results. It helps to build good working relationships, improves morale, lowers employee turnover, and increases productivity. 

How to Participate

When we think of good manners, were talking about practicing proper social behaviors. It includes being friendly, using proper etiquette, treating people with respect, being courteous, and treating people with dignity. Good manners are a building block to good relations. Just think about it, more people will like you and they will think better of you, too!

Let’s use today to start improving manners at work. As you practice good manners, do so with a smile. An honest smile is disarming and expresses genuine sincerity. We can move on to improving manners at home, school, and then the internet from there. And, we all know how badly we need good manners on social media platforms.

Today's Quote

“The hardest job kids have today is learning good manners without seeing any.” Fred Astaire

History and Origin of Bring Manners to Work Day

Bring Your Manners to Work Day was created in 2013. It was founded by the “Protocol School of Washington”.

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