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World Opera Day

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About World Opera Day

When is World Opera Day? This holiday is always observed on October 25

World Opera Day, a musical October 25 holiday, celebrates an important musical art form. The Opera was born over 400 years ago in Italy. It has been entertaining millions of people around ever since. Surprisingly, World Opera Day was not created until 2019. Operas are musical performances, combining theater and singing. Divas who perform arias in the opera can reach a pitch so high, that it breaks glass. Operas are typically performed in an Opera House, complete with an orchestra. The main character actors are singers, who perform their lines in song. Costumes and scenes are very important components of the opera performance.  

The objective of this special holiday is to gain an appreciation and promote the art of the opera. This day is intended to encourage you to participate, by either performing in an opera or going to an opera to watch and hear it. IF you have high hopes of becoming a diva and singing an aria in front of a huge crowd, then today is your day to take action Go try out. Perhaps you will become a star of the theater. You never know until you try.

How to Celebrate World Opera Day

  • Attend an opera. It’s the best way to show your appreciation for this art form.
  • Try out for the cast in an opera.
  • For musically inclined people, try out to join the orchestra in an Opera house.

Today's Quote

“There’s no half singing in the shower. You’re either a rock star or an opera diva. ” – – Josh Groban

Female Opera Singer

History and Origin of World Opera Day

World Opera Day is truly an international holiday. It was first celebrated on October 25, 2019. It was created in collaboration with Opera America, Opera Europa, and Opera Latin America. This holiday is an annual celebration.

There are a few references to “Opera Day” on February 8. We also found a single reference to “National Opera Day” on February 8. The is almost no information. There is neither the creator, date of origin, nor desorption of the holiday on this February date.

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