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World Food Day


About World Food Day

Date When Celebrated: This holiday is always observed on October 16

Today is World Food Day. The United Nations Food & Agricultural Organization (FAO) created this holiday to create campaigns to improve the supply and health of the world’s food supply. It’s not just about ending starvation. While that’s an important part of it, the goals for this holiday also include ensuring the sustainability of food supplies, increasing the quality of foods, and creating more eco-friendly methods of food production, infrastructure, and distribution. They are lofty goals. But, the participating companies and organizations in over 150 countries strive to make steady and consistent improvements. And, no effort is too small.

Each year, the FAO issues a theme for the year. Participating groups then create food awareness campaigns using the theme for the year. These campaigns promote improvements, sustainability, educational awareness, and more. All organizations, companies, and groups are encouraged to participate. Schools are a great place to provide education about food-related issues and what we can do as individuals to help to make improvements.

Did You Know? The United Nations estimates over 793 million people around the world are starving. And, about 842 million people are under-nourished.

Important Question? What will you do this year to improve the quantity, quality, or sustainability of the world’s food supply?

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How to Celebrate and Participate in World Food Day

Here are some ways you can participate in World Food Day:

  • Companies and organizations create campaigns around the theme of the year.
  • Advertise, educate, and promote the campaign to the general public. 
  • Have a poster contest for this year’s theme.
  •  Become involved. As individuals, learn about this year’s theme and play an active role.
  • Look for food-related problems in your community and help eliminate the problems.
  • Find ways to improve food sustainability.
  • Promote and improve food quality and safety. Start or expand a vegetable garden.
  • Grow vegetables and herbs organically.
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Today's Quote

“Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” – – Lao Tzu

History and Origin of World Food Day

The United Nations Food & Agricultural Organization (FAO) created this holiday. The FAO was created in 1945. Led by the Hungarian delegation, FAO member countries created this holiday at the 20th General Conference in 1975. 

Now, over 150 countries celebrate World Food Day annualy in more than 50 languages.

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