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Tender Loving Care Day

Tender Loving Care Day

About Tender Loving Care Day

When is Tender Loving Care Day? This holiday is observed on the second Saturday in October

Today is Tender Loving Care Day. With a special emphasis on seniors among us, this special holiday calls our attention to those in need. The definition needs is broad ranging and unlimited in scope. As we go through our busy daily lives, it’s all too easy to forget about our seniors. Today’s special holiday also draws our attention to the needs of other people as well. This can include children, people with disabilities, and virtually anyone. Use Tender Loving Care Day to identify how you can make a positive difference in someone’s life. Without a doubt, you will find your actions rewarding.

What can you do to assist a senior or to improve their quality of life? Is there a child in need? Is there a person with a disability that you can help? These are the types of questions to ask yourself today. Then, do something for those in need.

While this holiday is but one day of the year, we challenge you to give tender loving care to those in need on a regular basis.

How to Celebrate and Participate in Tender Loving Care Day

There are countless ways to help seniors. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Organize events for residents of senior living facilities.
  • They are often lonely. Spend time with them.
  • Take them to and from doctors’ appointments.
  • Bring them flowers.
  • Bring them a special meal. 
  • Send them a greeting card.
  • Comfort seniors who have lost a spouse or other loved one.
  • Call them frequently to checkup on them and to let them know you are keeping an eye on them for their safety.

There are many ways to help others. Here are some ideas:

  • Assist handicapped people with transportation to and from doctors’ appointments.
  • Assist them with shopping chores.
  • Provide them with meals.
  • Help children with their problems.
  • Take an active role in supporting children.
  • Provide transportation to and from their events.
  • Help kids get into healthy activities like sports, scouting, and the arts.
  •  Help single parents by babysitting for free when needed.
  • Give caregivers a break. Take over the task they are doing for a few hours a week.  Help someone recovering from illness or surgery in their recovery process.

Today's Quote

“I may be a senior, but so what? I’m still hot.” – – Betty White

History and Origin of Tender Loving Care Day

The Senior Community TLC Support Group in Hemet, CA. created this caring holiday in 2022. Tender Loving Care Day was created to “highlight the importance of providing special attention to those in need.” It also encourages action to address these needs. While the focus is on assisting seniors, this holiday also strives to help anyone in need. This TLC Support group has seen first-hand how important this support can be. They realize that it is worthwhile if more people are aware of what they can do to help. That’s why they created this holiday.

The authors of Tender Loving Care Day chose the date because it didn’t conflict with other holidays, and was in the Fall, but not too close to Thanksgiving or Christmas.

For more information see the Tender Loving Care Day website.

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