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National Motorcycle Ride Day

National Motorcycle Day

About National Motorcycle Ride Day

When is National Motorcycle Ride Day? This holiday is observed on the second Saturday in October

It’s mid-October, and The air is crisp and chilly. It might be just a bit too cold to head out on your motorcycle before mid-morning when the low-hanging sun warms up the air enough for a comfortable ride. While motorcyclists never need the incentive to jump on their “Hog” and feel the freedom of the road,  there’s some added incentive: Today is National Motorcycle Ride Day. The open road beckons for one last ride before the long winter season. Grab a couple of buddies and take off for parts unknown.

Here’s wishing you a very Happy National Motorcycle Ride Day.

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Motorcycle Trivia

  • Motorcycles first appeared in 1867 in Paris, France. Ernest Micheaux fitted a small steam engine to a velocipede, creating the Michaux-Perreaux Steam Velocipede.
  • The first Harley Davidson motorcycle used a tomato can as a carburetor.
  • The world’s longest motorcycle was built in Russia in 2005. It was 31 feet long and could hold up to 16 people.
  • Vespa means “wasp” in Italian.

How to Celebrate National Motorcycle Ride Day

This holiday is all about celebrating and promoting motorcycle riding and showing your pride. The creator of this day states two objectives for this day:

  1. Simply celebrate motorcycle riding. Taking a long ride with a few friends is a great way to celebrate.
  2. Build and strengthen relationships between everyone involved with motorcycling: riders, dealers, distributors, and manufacturers, to help grow the industry.

Other things you can do today:

  • Wash your bike.
  • Give it a tune-up
  • Watch a movie about motorcycles.
  • Learn more about Evel Knievel and his daring feats.

Today's Quote

“Anybody can jump a motorcycle. The trouble begins when you try to land it.: – – Evel Knievel

History and Origin of National Motorcycle Ride Day

This holiday was created in 2015 by Chad Gear. We have not yet found any additional information about National Motorcycle Ride Day.

We did not find any documentation confirming this to be a “National” day. Our research found no congressional records or presidential proclamations.

 Definition of “National” Days – and why it is so important to distinguish and identify true national days.

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