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International Day of the Girl Child

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About International Day of the Girl Child

Date When Celebrated: This holiday is always observed on October 11

International Day of the Girl Child, an October 11 holiday, is today. Attaining women’s rights and equality has been a long struggle around the world. In many parts of the world, women continue to be oppressed, in many ways. Today’s special day brings attention specifically to young girls. A key objective of this day is to draw attention to the challenges girls face. Putting the spotlight on the many problems should help to overcome them. Today also serves as a voice toward true equality. It also encourages and empowers girls to seek rights and equality. One of the early goals of this day has been to end arranged child marriages. While it may be hard for Americans and modern nations to believe, child marriages continue unabated to this day.

How to Celebrate International Day of the Girl Child

  • Recognize that women’s and girls’ equality is an issue in all countries.
  • Do your part to correct this problem.
  • Support women’s organizations.

Today's Quote

A girl called me on the phone and said “Come on over, no one is home.” I went over and no one was home. – – Rodney Dangerfield

History and Origin of International Day of the Girl Child

The roots of  International Day of the Girl Child go back to 1955. That year, the World Conference on Women in Beijing, China. Attendees of the conference unanimously approved a resolution titled “Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action.” Its goal was to promote and advance women’s and girls’ rights. This resolution was the first to specifically include girls’ rights in the declaration.

Canada promoted girls’ rights further, proposing and promoting a resolution to the UN General Assembly. On December 9, 2011, they approved resolution 66/170, declaring October 11 as the International Day of the Girl Child. The resolution promotes girls’ rights and recognizes the unique challenges of accomplishing this goal.

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