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Howl at the Moon Night

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About Howl at the Moon Night

Date When Celebrated: Howl at the Moon Night is always observed on October 25

Every year in late October, we get the opportunity to participate and enjoy Howl at the Moon Night. The closer we get to Halloween, things begin to get strange and eerie. Hopefully, the evening will be cloudless. And hopefully, it will be a full moon, as they are more fun to howl at. While the moon is more often in the night sky, sometimes it is visible in the daytime. When this happens, this October 25 holiday is called Howl at the Mon Day.

This holiday is all about the animals that are known to “howl at the moon”. This includes wolves, coyotes, dogs, and perhaps even a couple of humans that you know. In particular, wolves have been howling at the moon for a long, long time. Wolves have been around for over 1.5 million years, much longer than humans.

People believe all canines are more vocal during a full moon. But, do they really howl at the moon? Recent studies say “No”. But frankly, we believe those studies are simply wrong.

The Legend of the Wolf and the Moon

According to an ancient legend, the full moon came down to earth on a dark evening to discover its mysteries. The moon was playing among the trees when she became trapped in the branches. A wolf came upon the scene and freed her. They spent the entire night sharing stories, laughing and having a good time. The moon fell in love with the wolf. She stole the wolf’s shadow as a remembrance of the wonderful evening. Every night since then, upon seeing the moon, the wolf would begin to howl, begging to get his shadow back.

How to Celebrate Howl at the Moon Night

So what do you do to participate in this special night? We think you know what to do on Howl at the Moon Night. Join in on the fun of this special day. Go outside tonight and howl at the moon at the top of your lungs. BTW: If the moon is in the sky during the day right now, and you can see it, it is perfectly appropriate to howl at the moon during the daytime. You can also use this day to learn more about wolves and conservation efforts to ensure their survival.

Today's Chuckle

“If you get locked out, talk to the lock. Communication is the key”. – – Author Unknown

Black Cat Leaping Moon

History and Origin of Howl at the Moon Night

Johnny DiPalma an animator, created this day on April 26, 2009. He originally called it “The Planet Wide Moon Howl Event”. The name was a mouthful and was ultimately shortened to Howl at the Moon Night,  It has also been called “How at the Moon Day”.

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