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Wear Something Gaudy Day

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About Wear Something Gaudy Day

Date When Celebrated: Wear Something Gaudy Day is always observed on October 17

Wear Something Gaudy Day, an October 17 holiday, is your chance to really stick out in a crowd. The word “gaudy” refers to something bright, gay, cheap, showy, outlandish, or otherwise not in good taste.

Have a little fun on this day. For just one day, forego fashion and style. Pick out clothes to wear today, that do not match, ones with colors that clash. If you look at them and say “I wouldn’t be caught dead in that”, then it’s the perfect outfit for this day. Look for something to wear that’s really wild and wacky, and will stick out like a sore thumb wherever you go. If you don’t have anything like this in your wardrobe, perhaps a friend does.

Note: If you’re always garbed in gaudy attire, this is your day to look like everyone else!

How to Celebrate Wear Something Gaudy Day

  • Wear gaudy clothes to work, school, and around town.
  • Have a party. The guests must dress in gaudy attire

Today's Quote

“Why pay a dollar for a bookmark? Why not use the dollar as a bookmark?” – – Steven Spielberg

History and Origin of Wear Something Gaudy Day

The roots of this day go back to the hit 1970’s television comedy show “Three’s Company”. Larry Dallas (played by Richard Kline), one of the characters on the show, declared a Wear Something Gaudy Day. It’s amazing how something like a television show can cause a new holiday to be born.

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