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World Kindness Day

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About World Kindness Day

When is World Kindness Day? This holiday is always observed on November 13

It is very kind of you to visit this important page and learn more about World Kindness Day. This November 13 holiday originated in Japan and spread around the world. The objective of this is to encourage us to be kind to others. It helps to create a nicer, better world.

According to the World Kindness Movement website, World Kindness Day is intended to “build a kinder and more compassionate world”. We sure can use more of that.

Use today as an opportunity to be kind to family, friends, neighbors, and others. You will find kindness rubs off on others and generates even more kindness. It is definitely contagious.

How to Celebrate World Kindness Day

  • Be kind to everyone you meet. Make sure to smile while doing so.
  • Encourage others to be kind and promote kindness.
  • Organize a group to go out and perform acts of kindness.
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Today's Quote

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” – – Aesop

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History and Origin of World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day evolved from a series of conferences in 1996-1997 in Japan by a group known as the World Kindness Movement. These conferences brought together groups interested in promoting more kindness around the world.  It culminated in the “Declaration of Kindness” on November 13, 1997. With this declaration, a new and very special day was born.

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