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Pins and Needles Day

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When is Pins and Needles Day? This holiday is always observed on November 27

We understand how you can be on edge today. It’s because this is Pins and Needles Day. The original intent of this holiday is to commemorate the opening of the pro-Labor play Pins and Needles on Broadway on this day in 1937. Over decades, people lost track of the original meaning of this November 27 holiday. 

Today, most people look upon Pins and Needles Day, as a nervous and anxious day. It’s a day of eager anticipation, as we await an event or for something to happen. One could argue that kids are on pins and needles from now until Christmas, as they nervously wonder if they have been good enough to receive a visit from Santa in a few weeks.

Of all the special days on the calendar, this is a nerve-racking day. You are on pins and needles until that special future event successfully unfolds. And, if it doesn’t………. well we will just think positively.

We hope you have a happy, and calm, and relaxing Pins and Needles Day!

How to Celebrate Pins and Needles Day

  • Remain calm or attempt to.
  • Research the 1937 play Pins and Needles.
  • Identify the thigs that make you nervous or anxious. Look to remove them from your life.

Today's Quote

“I have my faults. But, being wrong ain’t one of them. – – Jimmy Hoffa

History and Origin of Pins and Needles Day

The real origin of this special day goes back to the labor movement in the 1930s. The pro-labor Broadway musical Pins and Needles, opened on this day in 1937, at the Labor Stage Theater in New York City. This play was written by Harold Rome. It was produced by the International Ladies Garment Workers’ Union. Union members made up the cast. It ran for 1108 performances, once holding the record for longevity. 

This holiday is recognized and celebrated by American labor unions and groups.

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