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Have a Party with Your Bear Day

Teddy Bear

When is Have a Party with Your Bear Day? This holiday is always observed on November 16

Is your Teddy Bear a real “party bear”? Hopefully, he is because today is Have a Party With Your Bear Day. This November 16 holiday is a swell day to party. You and your teddy bear are going to be real party animals.  Apparently, teddy bears are real swingers. Who would have known?  And, you get to spend time with your Teddy Bear. I bet you can’t think of anything that is more fun!!

Teddy bears are a source of comfort and security for children in a sometimes scary and uncertain world. Also, they encourage kids to use their imagination. 

Get out the party banners and balloons. Make a cake. Send out the invitations. Invite all of your teddy bears, and your human friends, too. Let them bring their teddys along. Today is going to be a fun day.

Did You Know? Teddy bears are by far the most popular bear for kids. Panda Bears are a close second overall, as people of all ages are fascinated by pandas. Visit Panda Mania

Have a happy Party With Your Bear Day.

How to Celebrate Have a Party with Your Bear Day

Breaker out the party hats, streamers, and balloons. Certainly, this will be a gala event.

  • Have a party with your bear.
  • Make snacks.
  • Invite your friends!
  • Adults, we know you’ve kept your teddy bear. Don’t miss out on this fun day. Have a party with your bear, too. 

Today's Quote

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.” – – Carl Sagan

History and Origin of Have a Party with Your Bear Day

We did not find any factual information on the creation of Have a Party with Your Bear Day.

However, we think everyone, young or old, should participate in this day. It will make you feel good. 

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