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Housewife Day

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When is Housewife Day? This holiday is always observed on November 3

Housewife Day recognizes the importance of stay-at-home wives and moms. This November 3 holiday is also referred to as “Retro” Housewife Day. These wonderful, caring creatures, build and enrich strong family environments. They help to instill family values and good character. Today, we celebrate and thank all of the ladies who choose to stay home and tend to the house and family! 

Housewife is an old term. It hails back to the days when one income could support the family in a manner of comfort. It was also a time when women did not have equal rights. While these days are long gone, women’s views of working or staying at home, fall on both sides of the fence. The decision to be a “housewife”, or stay-at-home mom, is still preferred by many. Unfortunately, income needs often necessitate going to work.

How to Celebrate Housewife Day

How will I celebrate this special day? I will celebrate this day, by honoring my beloved wife and thanking her for staying home for the family during the child-rearing years. Without a doubt, our children grew up much better for it. And I benefitted from the many sacrifices she made by staying home.

Housewives should kick back and enjoy the pampering that you receive today. You truly earned it.

Today's Quote

“Some people need a reason to enjoy wine. I just need a glass.”


History and Origin of Housewife Day

We did not find the originator of this special day. Nor, did we find any factual information.

We suspect this day was created by a housewife. By their very nature, housewives tend to stay out of the spotlight. If a housewife indeed created this day, it would be typical of her not to take credit. The other likely creator is a husband. In this event, he simply wants to tell the world how lucky he is to have her.

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