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U.S. General Election Day

Election Day

When is the U.S. General Election? Voting day U.S. General Election

Today is the U.S. General Election Day. Get out and vote today. It’s your right and duty as an American citizen. Voting is a revolution… a peaceful one, where the majority rules!!

The General election is held every four years. Each year, different federal, state, and local elections are held.  Once every four years, we get the opportunity to elect a new president. Every six years, we elect our U.S. senators. We elect U.S. congressmen every two years.

Our founding fathers designed the elections as an opportunity for us to vote for the people we want to represent us and our beliefs.  Our right to vote allows us to have a peaceful revolution. We can choose to retain the good elected officials, and oust those whose performance is poor, or whose beliefs do not match the majority of the people of this wonderful country. While Democracy may not be perfect, it’s better than any other type of government on the planet. And, it offers us freedoms and safeguards that do not exist in many other countries.

Our founding fathers had the wisdom to create a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. It is every American’s right and privilege, to vote for our government officials. So, we hope you exercise your right on this day, to vote for the candidate of your choice.

While apathy and discontent can creep into even the best of societies, we believe that makes it even more important for us TO VOTE. If we don’t vote, how can we make things better!?

Please exercise your inalienable right and go out and vote on U.S. General Election Day!

How to Celebrate U.S. General Election Day

  • Exercise your right and duty to vote.

Thought for Today

Why do Americans choose from just two people to run for president, and 50 for Miss America!?

History and Origin of the First U.S. Presidential Election

The Revolutionary War ended on September 3, 1783. Immediately after the war was won, the fledgling new country held a Constitutional Congress. After the Constitution was written ad approved by congress, it went to the 13 states for ratification. Upon ratification, the new constitution set January 7, 1789, as the date for each new state to send electors to vote for our first president. On February 4, 1789, George Washington was unanimously elected the first President of the United States.

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