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Check Your Blood Pressure Day

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About Blood Pressure Day

When is Check Your Blood Pressure Day? This holiday is always observed on November 4

How’s your blood pressure? Do you have any idea? Could you be at risk for a heart attack or a stroke? The timing of this November 4 holiday couldn’t be better. The high-stress holidays are quickly approaching. So, why not use Check Your Blood Pressure Day to find out what your blood pressure is today!!? It will only go higher as the holidays approach.

For those of us who check out okay, we can charge into the holidays, knowing that we can handle whatever stresses the holidays bring. IF your blood pressure is a little high, or more than a little high, you’ve got time before Thanksgiving to check it out with your physician before the real stress begins.

Did You Know? Blood pressure tends to increase with age. This does not mean it is normal or okay. If your blood pressure is high, see your doctor.

For most of us, checking our blood pressure is easy and free If you already have a home monitor, just slap on the cuff and take a reading. If to, you don’t have to go to the doctors to have it checked. Drug stores and many grocery chains have kiosks located near the prescription area, where you can check it for free. Many ambulance companies, especially the volunteers, will accept walk ins. (.Ps If it is a volunteer ambulance company, why not make a donation while you’re there?

Did You Know? Low blood pressure, while uncommon, can also be dangerous or the symptom of a health problem.

Blood Pressure Levels

Blood Pressure Level:     Systolic     Siastolic

Low                                       <120          <60

Ideal Level                           <120          <80

Elevated                               120-129     <80

High                                     130-139      80-90

Hypertensive Crisis          >140           >90

Hypertensive Crisis          >180          >120   *** See your doctor immediately

How to Participate in Check Your Blood Pressure Day

  • Check your blood pressure.
  • Check others.

Today's Quote

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” – – Confucius

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History and Origin of Check Your Blood Pressure Day

Check Your Blood Pressure Day was created by Bob Matthews, of Rochester, NY. It was created in 2019. This day was established in early November, to allow people to test their blood pressure, and if it is high, they can see their doctor before the stressful holiday period begins.

According to Matthews, “some people are working time bombs, and they don’t know it. If people use this day to check their blood pressure, they just might be saving a life…. their own!”

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