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Visit Your Relatives Day

Road Trip Day

About Visit Your Relatives Day

When is Visit Your Relatives Day? This holiday is always celebrated on May 18

Visit Your Relatives Day encourages us to visit our family and loved ones. This May 18 holiday encourages us to get closer to our family members and to build (or re-build) family ties and relationships.

It’s easy to get out of touch with loved ones.  Sometimes, we argue and fight. A little spat can blossom into a major issue. Other times, distance keeps us from seeing our parents or siblings more frequently. And, we lead busy lives. A visit with your family is sometimes limited to Christmas and a few other choice major holidays.  

If you cannot visit your relatives today, we suggest you call them and/or send them a card. Both snail mail and online cards will do.

Important Note: If you don’t get to visit your mother-in-law today, you will have another chance on Mother-In-Law Day.

Friends on Phone

How to Celebrate and Participate in Visit Your Relatives Day

Ways to celebrate and participate in Visit Your Family Day:

  • Go see the members of your family.
  • If they are out of town, but close enough to visit them on a day trip by car, gas up your automobile and hit the road.
  • If they live far away, book a flight.
  • If you can’t see them today, at least give them a phone call.

Today's Quotes

“God gave us relatives. Thank God we can choose our friends.” – –  Author Unknown

Bonus Quote: “One loyal friend is worth 10,000 relatives.” – – Euripides

History and Origin of Visit Your Relatives Day

Our research did not find the creator or the origin of this day. I’m certain you will agree with me, that the concept of visiting relatives is a good one. So, having this holiday makes perfect sense.

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