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Save Your Hearing Day

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About Save Your Hearing Day

When is Save Your Hearing Day? This holiday is always celebrated on May 31

Save Your Hearing Day reminds us that our hearing is vital and needs to be protected. Hearing loss accumulates over our lives, as high decibel levels slowly damage our ears. With effort, hearing loss can be minimized and delayed by what we do now and every day. This May 31 holiday encourages us to reduce the noise levels that reach our ears.

Many hearing loss problems are avoidable. Hearing loss can result from a variety of reasons, including health, genetic and environmental causes. On the environmental side, repeated long-term exposure to loud, high-decibel noises can over time cause hearing loss. This cause, in particular, is often avoidable.

Follow the 60:60 Rule: So many people, especially younger people, spend countless hours listening to their electronic devices. To save your hearing, turn the music to 60 percent of its total volume level and listen to it for no more than 60 minutes per day.

Heard at a nursing home: It’s hard to be nostalgic when you can’t remember anything.

How to Celebrate and Participate in Save Your Hearing Day

Here are some ways to participate in Save Your Hearing Day:

  • Learn what you can do to avoid hearing loss to yourself and your family. Then, practice it
  • Lower the decibel level in your life.
  • Turn down the volume on your electronic devices, television, and radio.
  • Wear earplugs when mowing the lawn.
  • Wear earplugs anytime you are in a loud environment at home or work.
  • If you are or suspect you’re having trouble with your hearing, consult a hearing specialist.
  • Listen to the birds sing. Can you hear them?

Today's Quote

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” – – Peter Drucker

History and Origin of Save Your Hearing Day

Our research did not find the creator or the origin of this day. We suspect a medical group or deaf association may have started this day.

One reader suggests that the following event may have something to do with the creation of this special day: “On May 31, 1976, The Who played at the Charlton Athletic Grounds in England and made the Guinness Book of World Records as the loudest rock band ever. Their musical performance measured 76,000 watts and 120 decibels. “

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