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Oyster Day

Oyster Day

When is Oyster Day? This holiday is always celebrated on May 5

Oysters are a real gem. To many people, it is a delectable, culinary treat. To others, it is the source of valuable pearls. On this May 5 holiday we celebrate Oyster Day, a pearl of a day.  Oysters are shellfish or “mollusks” found in both freshwater and saltwater. They are a delicacy, enjoyed by many. Some folk love them. Others find them to be an acquired taste. They often produce pearls, making these two holidays a real gem. 

In the ocean (or freshwater for some types), these bottom dwellers sift food from the water around them. In doing so, they sometimes pick up a piece of sand or grit. If that piece of sand or grit gets lodged inside of the irregular shell, the oyster reacts to the irritant by slowly secreting a substance called “nacre” around the sand. Ultimately, it develops into a pearl. Do all oysters develop a pearl? No, but wouldn’t it be great to open one up to find a sparkling pearl!?

Oysters are declining in numbers. This is largely a result of overharvesting and damage to the ocean eco-structure. The damage is a result of pollution and global warming. Some environmental groups are working toward improving their habitat. This includes yet-to-be-approved legislation. 

Did You Know? Seattle, Washington is the world’s largest producer of cultivated pearls. They are known as the “Oyster Capital of the World”. 

How to Celebrate and Participate in Oyster Day

Here are some ideas on how you can celebrate Oyster Day:

  • Celebrate by eating oysters.
  • Buy some pearls for yourself or that special someone.
  • Donate to organizations working toward improving and restoring their habitat.
Oyster with Pearl

Thought for Today

Life is short. Break some rules.

History and Origin of Oyster Day

Our research did not find the creator or the origin of this holiday. We traced Oyster Day to before 2000. 

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