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Buy a Musical Instrument Day

Musical Festival

When is Buy a Musical Instrument Day? This holiday is always celebrated on May 22

 Today is Buy a Musical Instrument Day. Everyone was introduced to a musical instrument in grade school. Remember the Recorder? It was the first musical instrument we played and hopefully learned. If we were all thumbs or tone-deaf, the recorder was the only instrument we ever played. However, if we were musically inclined at all, most students advanced to other instruments. Eventually, they joined a school band or orchestra.

Isn’t it obvious how to celebrate Buy a Musical Instrument Day? If you are a musician in need of a new instrument, today could be a very good day indeed! If you have been considering taking up a musical instrument, today can be your starting point. And, the good news is you’re never too old to begin playing a musical instrument. Many senior citizens pick up musical instruments as a hobby. They even form senior bands, often playing in public.

Song of the Day: American Pie (The Day the Music Died) by Don McLean (1971)

How to Celebrate Buy a Musical Instrument Day

Okay….. Just in case you haven’t figured out how to participate in this day………..

  • Go out and buy a musical instrument!
  • Practice with your instrument.
  • Join a band or orchestra.

Today's Quote

“Music is the soundtrack of your life.” – – Dick Clark

History and Origin of Buy a Musical Instrument Day

Our research did not find the creator or the origin of this day. But, it is really easy to guess the type of business that likely created this day…..and why.

We traced this holiday back to before 2000.

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