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Hawaiian Lei Day

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About Hawaiian Lei Day

When is Hawaiian Lei Day? This holiday begins on the morning of May 1 and continues on into the next day.

Hawaiian Lei Day is the Hawaiian version of May Day. This May 1  holiday is a celebration of Hawaiian culture and its people. It’s a fun two-day event, centered around the “lei”, a colorful flowery necklace. The “lei” represents an unspoken expression of “aloha”. While this is a Hawaiian holiday celebration, I’m sure you will admit you want to get lei’d, too. C’mon and join in on the fun. There’s no reason you can’t participate in Hawaiian Lei Day, no matter where you are.

Visitors to Hawaii, by plane, boat, or other means, usually receive a traditional lei upon arrival. Nowadays, they are often made of plastic. On Hawaiian Lei Day, people give and receive leis. You will see pretty much everyone is wearing flowery leis. This is a day of festivities and parades, filled with leis, flowers, parties, dancing, and more. There are lei-making contests, hula dancing, luaus, and even the selection and crowning of the Lei Day Queen.

Did You Know? Each Hawaiian island has its signature lei. For example, the island of Kauai is known for a lei made of fruit. Purple berries, with a sweet scent, are strung onto the necklace.

If you are not in Hawaii, we hope you still participate in Hawaiian Lei Day. Grab your hula skirt. Buy or make leis and give them out. Hold a family or group celebration. Have a pig roast, and don’t forget to serve the poi. 

How to Celebrate Hawaiian Lei Day

Make this into the fun-filled day it is intended to be. There are so many ways to celebrate and enjoy International Tiara Day. Need ideas? Here are a few:

  • Make a handmade lei.
  • Give one to someone.
  • Watch a movie with a Hawaiian theme.
  • Dress in traditional Hawaiian clothing.
  • Do a hula dance.
  • Hold a pig roast.

Today's Chuckle

“Someone once asked me what was the weirdest question I was ever asked? I was stymied.” – – Martin Short

History and Origin of Hawaiian Lei Day

Hawaiian Lei Day was first celebrated in 1927. It quickly became an annual event. The state of Hawaii made it an official state holiday in 1929.

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