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Free Comic Book Day

When is Free Comic Book Day

About Free Comic Book Day

When is Free Comic Book Day? This holiday is observed on the first Saturday in May

Calling all nerds, geeks, and comic book aficionados. Today is Free Comic Book Day. They are not just for kids. Many adults frequently follow comic book characters. As a result, they regularly purchase them when a new issue is published. And, publishers are happy to produce new issues on a frequent basis.

Who says you can’t get something for nothing? On this very special day, comic book stores all over the country hand out specially printed copies of comic books. Some comic book stores take it a step further, setting up shelves of free comic books, with no strings attached. Take one or take several, and you don’t owe the store anything. Of course, comic book stores are trying to hook you into the fun world of comic books, so you come back and buy new editions over and over again. Occasionally, stores will also hand out other freebies, memorabilia, posters, etc.

 Free Comic Book Day, taking place on the first Saturday of May is an annual promotional effort by the North American Comic Book industry to help bring new readers into independent comic book stores. At last count, over 2,000 retailers in 30 countries participate in this fun-filled day.

Tip: Not all comic book stores participate in this day. Inquire before you go.

How to Participate in and Celebrate Free Comic Book Day

Here are some ideas on how to enjoy this fun-filled holiday:

  • Check for stores giving out free comic books.
  • Head on out to your local comic bookstore, and get hooked on the world of comics.
  • Buy a new comic book series you’ve never read before.
  • Trade them with friends.
Comic Book Day, Avengers

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“It’s true hard work never killed anybody, but I figured why take the chance.” – – Ronald Reagan

History and Origin of Free Comic Book Day

Retailer Joe Field of Flying Colors Comics in Concord, California brainstormed this event in his “Big Picture” column in the August 2001 issue of Comics & Games Retailer magazine. In 2002, Free Comic Book Day officially began. It is coordinated by Diamond Comic Distributors, the industry’s single large distributor.

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