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National Endangered Species Day

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About National Endangered Species Day

When is National Endangered Species Day? This holiday is observed on the third Friday in May

National Endangered Species Day is a day to raise awareness about the many animals that are on the endangered special list. It is a time of education and action. There are many ways we can help to keep animals from becoming extinct. On this day the Endangered Species Coalition, the National Wildlife Foundation, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Organization and many other conservation groups offer educational programs, seminars, and events, to help us to appreciate the plight of so many animals that are on the Endangered Species List.

The animal kingdom is a very diverse list of creatures that roam the land, sea, and air of our planet. It includes land animals, birds, fish, and sea creatures as well as insects. However, the list of God’s creatures is finite, and the number is decreasing. We all know that the dinosaur and the wooly mammoth have come and gone millions of years ago. In more recent times, we have lost the American Buffalo, Barbary Lion, Great Auk, Carrier pigeon, Blue Whale, and a large range of creatures of all kinds. Much of the lost species are due to the encroachment of humans on animal habitats, as well as environmental destruction and alteration of the animal’s environment. 

The endangered species list is filled with animals of all kinds. It includes different types of elephants, rhinos, orangutans, gorillas ,and leopards. You will find both the giant and red pandas on this list. The list contains dolphins, turtles, penguins,and whales.  Plenty of birds, fish,  and insects have made the endangered species list as well.

How to Participate in and Celebrate National Endangered Species Day

Don’t you think it’s time to stop the disappearance of so many animals?

  • On National Endangered Species Day, wildlife and conservation organizations hold educational programs and seminars to teach and inform people about the plight of these animals. They teach us about the need to do our part, to help maintain and protect their habitat.
  • You can contribute to one of the many organizations, whose goal is to protect these animals and their habitats.
  • Learn ways to Go Green, and keep from doing things that harm the environment. After all environmental health is good for the animal kingdom…. and you!
  • And, if you are one of the fortunate few, you might find an opportunity to work directly with efforts to save animals on the Endangered Species List.  
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History and Origin of National Endangered Species Day

The 109th U.S. Congress passed S.Res. 431 designating Thursday, May 11, 2006, as Endangered Species Day. This was the first congressional resolution to declare this holiday. In a congressional resolution in 2009, the holiday was declared to be held on the third Friday in May. Based on our research, we believe Congress declares this holiday each year.
All of these annual resolutions named this holiday Endangered Species Day. None of the resolutions called it National Endangered Species Day. However, the existence of congressional resolutions warrants the word “National” in the title.

Definition of “National” Days – and why it is important to distinguish true National days.

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