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Birth Mother's Day

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About Birth Mother's Day

When is Birth Mother's Day? This holiday is observed on the Saturday before Mother's Day

Birth Mothers Day recognizes the biological mothers of adopted children. It is celebrated primarily by mothers who for whatever reason, gave up their child for adoption. This decision is often made with great pain. Usually, a birth mother gives up her child in a selfless manner to allow her child to have a better life. 

If ever there was a controversial holiday (let’s call it a special day), this is it. Birth mothers use this day to educate, to remember, and to cope. But, many mothers who gave up their children have feelings of remorse, and often guilt. Many don’t want a special day. And, of those mothers who want to be remembered, they don’t necessarily want a special day, aside from Mother’s Day. They feel they should remember, and be remembered, on Mother’s Day. 

From the child’s perspective, adopted children understandably have a high level of anxiety over this topic. A fair number of them don’t want a relationship with their birth mother, adding more controversy to this day.

How to Participate in and Celebrate Birth Mother's Day

Here are a few ideas on how to participate in and celebrate this holiday:

  •  No matter who you are, be sensitive to the feelings and emotions of both adopted children and birth mothers.
  • Birth motes use this time t o remember and reflect.
  • Adopted children, consider seeking your birth mother.

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History and Origin of Birth Mother's Day

Birth mothers in Seattle, Washington created this special day. It was first celebrated in 1990. It is an annual event.

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