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Bike to School Day

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About Bike to School Day

When is Bike to School Day? This holiday is celebrated on the first Wednesday in May

National Bike Month is in May. That makes the first Wednesday in May, the perfect time to ride your bike to school. The sunny spring weather is perfect for a ride. Yessiree, Bike to School Day couldn’t be at a better time. Biking is relaxing. Biking is fun. And, biking is a healthy exercise. The League of American Bicyclists and schools around the country work together to encourage students to skip the bus ride, and bike to school for both exercise and fun. In today’s digital electronic world, most kids in America can use exercise and time away from their ipads and cell phones. Encouraging today’s youth to ride a bike, can lead to a lifelong addiction to cycling. And, that’s a good addiction. It also leads to healthier adults.  

The first Bike to School Day was held in 2012 with approximately 1,000 schools participating. It has quickly grown, and now thousands of schools take part in this special day. In addition to promoting health and exercise through biking, the promoters are also seeking to assure safe baking routes to and from schools.

Participate in this day, by riding your bike to school, if possible. It is recognized that not all schools are located where the route to school has sidewalks, and roads that are safe to ride on. If you can’t ride your bike to school, perhaps you can walk. For those who are no longer in school, ride your bike to work, the gym, or the store. In other words, get your bike out of the garage and get some healthy and enjoyable exercise.

How to Participate in Bike to School Day

Here are a few ideas on how to participate in and celebrate this holiday:

  • Ride your bike to school.
  • Ride to school with neighborhood friends.
  • Parents, encourage your kids to bike to school today.
  • Offer incentives for kids to cycle to school.

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History and Origin of Bike to School Day

The League of American bicyclists joined forces with schools to organize and coordinate Bike to School Day each year. While their website does not come right out and claim to be the creators, we believe that they are. This holiday event was created in 2012.

There is some reference to this day as a “National” day. However, the sponsor’s website refers to it as “Bike to School Day”.

Definition of “National” Days – and why it is important to distinguish true National days.

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