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About the World Day of Prayer

When is the World Day of Prayer? This holiday is observed on the first Friday in March

World Day of Prayer is today. Christians in over 170 countries around the world pray for the theme of the current year. The world and all of its inhabitants can certainly use all of the prayers they can get. In the U.S., this holiday is sponsored by “Church Women United”, a Christian group of women that strives to work for justice and peace.  

The origin of World Day of Prayer dates back to 1887, when Mary Ellen Fairchild James, a Methodist from Brooklyn, NY called for a day of prayer for home missions. Fairly quickly most Christian religions began their own Day of Prayer. In 1927 it became the World Day of Prayer and the date was formally established as the first Friday in March. Oddly, it wasn’t until 1967, as a result of the Second Vatican Council, that Catholics were allowed to participate.

Each year, Church Women United selects a women’s group from different parts of the world, to write a prayer service for the day. Then, everyone, men and women alike are encouraged to attend a prayer service using what the group wrote.

Did you Know? Planning for the prayer service actually begins three years in advance. A theme is selected for the service. Each year a different country writes the prayer for all to use at the service.

Future Themes for the World Day of Prayer and Country Writing

2023   I Have Heard About Your FaithTaiwan
2024I Beg You – Bear with One Another in Love      Palestine
2025I Made You WonderfulCook Islands
2026I Will Give You Rest: ComeNigeria

How to Celebrate the World Day of Prayer

  • Check the theme for the current year.
  • Attend a prayer service in your area.
  • If you cannot attend. Pray for the year’s theme.

Thought for Today

“For prayer is nothing else than being on terms of friendship with God ” – – Mother Teresa

History and Origin of World Day of Prayer

Mary Ellen Fairchild James of Brooklyn, NY created the World Day of Prayer in 1887. It is observed annually.

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