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Smart and Sexy Day

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About Smart and Sexy Day

When is Smart and Sexy Day? This holiday is always celebrated on March 13

Today is a special day. It is Smart and Sexy Day. This Meach 13 holiday was created to show women that they can be both smart and sexy. As a matter of fact, being both is a very powerful combination. Strongly promoted by Alliance for Career Development Nonprofits (ACDN), the organization provides job training and employment assistance for both men and women. But, on Smart and Sexy Day, the focus is on women. The organization strives to empower women. Member organizations hold events in support of women.

Smart and sexy are two attributes that perfectly describe you, right!? It sure does, as every woman is cap capable of being both. On this day, ACDN members encourage women to do their best, have confidence, and let their skills shine through.

Our Favorite Saying: Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the smartest and sexiest of all!?

How to Celebrate Smart and Sexy Day

  • Show off your “Smarts”.
  • Show off your “Sexy”.
  • Do something to make yourself smarter.
  • Do something to make yourself sexier. But, do it with taste.

Today's Quote

“I’m not what you might call sexy, but I’m romantic. You might put it that way.” – – Betty White

History and Origin of Smart and Sexy Day

This special day was created in 2014 by Ariela Balk, CEO of the Smart & Sexy Company. It is also supported and promoted by the Alliance of Career Development Nonprofits (ACDN).

There is an occasional reference to this as “National” day. However, the ccreator’swebsite refers to it as “Smart & Sexy Day”. And, we did not find a presidential proclamation or act of congress declaring this to be a true national day.

Definition of “National” Days – and why it is important to distinguish true National days.

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