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National Pi Day

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When is National Pi Day? This holiday is always celebrated on March 14

National Pi Day celebrates Pi, a mathematical concept and a number that never ends….at least no one  and no computer has found the end yet. Often, we round it off to 3.14. If you are a mathematician, this is your day. For National Pi Day is a celebration of mathematics. And, more specifically…. it celebrates “Pi”. 

So, what is Pi? Pi is a constant is used to calculate the circumference of a circle from the circle’s radius or diameter. It is an irrational number, meaning it can be calculated to an infinitesimal number of decimal places. Computers have been used to calculate and have not found the end decimal place, meaning there isn’t one.

Today is the birthday physicist Albert Einstein. Einstein was born on March 14, 1879. The date is also represented as 3.14. We strongly suspect some combination of these two facts is why someone created the day on March 14th. However, “Pi” was around long before Albert Einstein was born.

A Little Pi Day Trivia: On Pi Day in 2004, Daniel Tammet recited 22,514 to digits.

How to Celebrate National Pi Day

Here are some ways you can celebrate National Pi Day:

  • Go ahead and calculate Pi to as many decimal places as you can.
  • Have a Pi Party.
  • Bake a pie.

Today's Chuckle

“A top geneticist at Stanford says human intelligence is declining. Do you know what that means? We are seeing Congress at it’s smartest and most effective right now.” – – Jay Leno

History and Origin of National Pi Day

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a non-binding resolution (HRES 224),[5] recognizing March 14, 2009 as National Pi Day.

The day was created by Larry Shaw in 1989. The holiday was originally celebrated at the San Francisco Exploratorium, where Shaw worked as a physicist.

Definition of “National” Days – and why it is important to distinguish true National days.

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