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If Pets Had Thumbs Day

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About If Pets Had Thumbs Day

When is If Pets Had Thumbs Day? This holiday is always observed on March 3

If Pets Had Thumbs Day is today, a March 3 holiday. This holiday is an inane one. But it’s here so let’s celebrate and enjoy it. Humans, apes, and raccoons have opposable thumbs. This opens up a whole range of motions and activities and things that all other animals are unable to do. It leaves you wondering what would happen if…….

One thing that sets man apart from most other species on the planet is an opposable thumb. It allows us to do many things that most other creatures can’t do.  

Now imagine what it would be like if your pet had thumbs. Do you get a clear image of your pet with thumbs? Are you seeing your pet doing things with its new thumb? If so, your mind is in spirit with today.

Note: If you have a pet monkey, you already know what it would be like for your pet to have thumbs.

How to Celebrate If Pets Had Thumbs Day

Here are some ways to celebrate If Pets Had Thumbs Day:

  • Adopt a monkey for a pet. Apes, gorillas, and baboons may prove difficult to keep as pets.
  • Draw a picture of your pet with a thumb. 

Give some thought to what it would be like if your pet had opposable thumbs.

Today's Quote

“They say there are 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. But, if you ask a Native American, that number is more like 300 million.” – – David Letterman

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History and Origin of If Pets Had Thumbs Day

Our ongoing research has not yet identified the creator or the origin of this day. Our search continues.

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