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Namesake Day

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About Namesake Day

When is Namesake Day? This holiday is celebrated on the first Sunday in March

Who were you named after? Why were you named after that person(s)? These are excellent questions to explore and find the answer to on Namesake Day. Use this day to find out why your parents chose the name they gave you.

As the day of your birth neared, your parents explored different names for you. Upon your birth, they carefully selected a first name, and most often a middle name to give to you.

As parents-in-waiting, we spend countless hours pouring through baby name books. We seek names that sound good, and names that honor someone we love, look up to, or respect. We read up on what the meaning of the names on our short list represents.  Then, on the day you are born, we bestow a first and middle name for very good and purposeful reasons.

Do you know why mom and dad named you Crystal, Susie, Mason, or Carter? Maybe, mom and dad anointed Alex or Erica, simply because it was on the Top 10 list of names the year you were born.  If you don’t know anything about why they gave you the name that you have, don’t you think it’s time to find out!? On Namesake Day it’s time to contact mom and dad, to get the answers. If mom and/or dad are no longer around, perhaps a grandparent, an aunt or an uncle can offer insight into this question. While you are performing this research, try to find out more about your namesake(s). We also encourage you to take this event as an opportunity to explore your family Ancestry.

How to Celebrate Namesake Day

It is very easy to enjoy this holiday:

  • Ask mom and dad why they selected your name(s).
  • Learn more about your namesake.
  • Explore the meaning of your name. Does it fit you and your personality?

Today's Quote

May your blessings far outnumber the shamrocks that grow and may trouble avoid you wherever you go. – – An Irish Blessing

History and Origin of Namesake Day

There is precious little information about the creation of this day. We did not find the creator of this day, its date of origin, or information why this day was created. This event appears to have first been celebrated sometime after 2015.

Often, we do not list events with as little historical information as this holiday. But, we feel everyone should take the opportunity to learn why they were given the name they have, and most importantly, to learn about our namesake.

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