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Hug a GI Day

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About Hug a GI Day

When is Hug a GI Day? This holiday is always celebrated on March 4

Today is a day that we all can embrace. It’s “Hug a GI Day”. On this March 4 holiday, give a great big hug and show of support to any and all GIs you see today. This includes both active and retired army military personnel. The men and women in our armed forces deserve our thanks and appreciation.

GIs perform an invaluable service to our country. They risk their lives for our freedom, and to keep us safe. A simple hug is a small thanks for this vital service to our country.

Do you know what “GI” stands for? We’ve used this abbreviation for so long, many people no longer know. GI is short for “Ground Infantry” of the United States Army. 

May we suggest? While the intention of this day is directed at GIs, there is nothing wrong with giving a hug and a thank you to members of all other branches of the military on this day.

How to Participate in Hug a GI Day

  • Give a hug to any GIs you meet today.
  • Let them know that their service is truly appreciated.
  • Buy them a cup of coffee.
  • Buy them lunch.
  • We suggest you give all military personnel a hug today.

Thought for Today

Don’t limit your challenges…. Challenge your limits.

History and Origin of Hug a GI Day

Our research did not find the creator or the origin of this day. If it was a GI who created this day, we’d like to give him or her a big hug.

Reader Comments:

“I think the origin of the holiday is because of the date. It’s the only date in the calendar that is an order…March Forth! It’s a military thing.” Sabrina Honda, USAF

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