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National Frozen Foods Day

Frozen Food Day

When is National Frozen Food Day? This holiday is always celebrated on March 6

National Frozen Food Day celebrates all those yummy foods and snacks in your freezer. Sure, the invention of the freezer made this day possible. But the methods and techniques of preparing and freezing foods are what makes frozen foods taste great, look great and store in a frozen state until you need them. So, chow down and enjoy this March 6 holiday to the fullest. 

For the history buffs among us, Clarence Frank Birdseye II received the first patent for flash frozen foods in 1927. Frozen foods first hit store shelves in 1930 in Springfield, Ma. Frozen “TV dinners” that you heated in the oven were introduced by Swanson in 954. And, who can forget the old frozen “boil-in-bags? The microwave now heats your frozen dinners faster and more efficiently.

Imagine how your busy life would be if you didn’t have a frozen dinner to pop into the microwave in between a late day at work and your evening event.  You’d have to stop and make dinner from scratch!

Get in on the fun. Make your own foods to freeze for consumption later. You most likely already do and just don’t give it a thought. Some common foods that home cooks make and freeze include spaghetti sauce, soups, stews, and many meals. Leftover pizza freezes well for short periods of time. Got leftovers? Make them up into a one-person meal and freeze them.  If you have a home ice cream maker, you are making frozen food.

How to Celebrate National Frozen Food Day

Thanks to the frozen food industry, you can, and should, celebrate Frozen Food Day in a true frozen food manner:

  • Go to the grocery store and buy frozen foods to eat today.
  • Make it a goal to eat frozen foods at every meal.
  • Start your day by popping a frozen breakfast into the microwave.
  • For lunch, select from a wide array of frozen lunch treats.
  • For dinner: If you are in a hurry, you’re in luck. The selection of dinner entrees is seemingly endless.
  • What are you going to have for a snack tonight? We suggest ice cream or sherbet.
  • Make a meal and freeze it to have a later date when you are in a hurry.
Frozen Green Beans

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“There are three kinds of men. The one that learns by reading. The few that learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.” – – Will Rogers

History and Origin of National Frozen Food Day

By Senate Joint Resolution 193, the U.S. Congress designated March 6, 1984, as Frozen Food Day They authorized and requested the President to issue a proclamation upon this occasion.

In Proclamation #5157, President Ronald Reagan said: “Now, Therefore, I, Ronald Reagan, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim March 6, 1984, as Frozen Food Day, and I call upon the American people to observe such day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.” And so this became a true National day of recognition and celebration.

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