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International Fanny Pack Day

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About International Fanny Pack Day

When is International Fanny Pack Day? This holiday is celebrated on the second Saturday in March

Today is International Fanny Pack Day. Considering the title for this day, you can participate by wearing a fancy pack. But having and wearing one is just part of today’s great story. Nick Yates of Portland, Oregon gave a homeless person food from his fanny pack and right there conceived of the idea to create a charity to feed the poor and needy. Yate’s idea spread and he encourages organizations around the world to feed others who are in need.

Fanny packs hit the fashion scene in the 1980s. Wearing them became a fad all over the world. People wore fanny packs to carry belongings that they otherwise carried in a purse or a pants pocket. Why!? Simply because fanny packs are convenient. It allows women to carry cosmetics, keys, wallets, IDs, and other belongings, freeing them from lugging their purses around everywhere they go. Fanny packs are not seen as feminine. Men find fanny packs useful, too. While they are called fanny packs, more often than not, the pack is worn in the front. Positioned in the front of the body, fanny packs are a far safer way to carry wallets and keys, keeping belongings safe from pickpockets. Like all fads, the fanny pack craze faded. However, some people continue to wear fanny packs to this day, for the convenience and security they provide. 

How to Celebrate International Fanny Pack Day

  • If you have a fanny pack, wear it today.
  • If you do not have one, go buy a fanny pack.
  • In the true spirit of this day, contribute food and/or money to your local food shelf.
  • Organize a food drive.
  • Say a prayer of thanks tonight that you are not one of the countless people in the world who are starving or face food insecurity.

Today's Quote

“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” – – Katherine Hepburn

History and Origin of International Fanny Pack Day

The roots of International Fanny Pack Day began in 2007 when Nick Yates of Portland, Oregon came across a homeless person while going home from a Christmas party. He felt pity for the man and gave him some fruitcake that was in his fanny pack. Based on this chance meeting, Nick got the idea to begin a charitable campaign to give food to the poor and needy.

With this brainstorm, International Fanny Pack Day was conceived. Nick went to food shelves and businesses seeking donations and to promote this day. It didn’t take long for this special day to grow in popularity.

Footnote: We have no idea why Nick Yates was carrying fruitcake in his fanny pack in March, months after Christmas.

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