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Employee Appreciation Day

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About Employee Appreciation Day

When is Employee Appreciation Day? This holiday is celebrated on the first Friday in March

If the boss can get a Bosses Day, then it’s only fair and appropriate that you, the employee, get a day in your honor. Employee Appreciation Day was created in March to honor all employees everywhere.

On this day, companies, businesses, and organizations across the country organize celebrations to recognize the hard and smart work of their employees. Recognitions vary widely and may include lunch, snacks, cakes, other munchies, and small recognition gifts. Don’t expect a day off. Chances are, it just won’t happen.

As we researched this day, we wondered if it was a coincidence that Employee’s Day and Bosses Day are six months apart…..hmmmmmm.

How to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

  • Employers: Pull a little money out of the Employee Recognition account. Then, bring in donuts or bagels. Or, take them all to lunch.
  • Employees: This is your day to enjoy. Don’t take the day off, or you will miss it.

Today's Chuckle

“My doctor told me I only have six months to live. When I told him I couldn’t pay the bill, he gave me six months more.” – – Walter Matthau

History and Origin of Employee Appreciation Day

According to David Nuualiitia Employee Appreciation Day first arrived on calendars in 1995. One of Recognition Professionals International’s founding Board members, Bob Nelson, together with his publishing company, Workman Publishing, created Employee Appreciation Day as a way of focusing the attention of all employers, in all industries on employee recognition.”

There are a lot of local and company-specific celebrations for Employee Day and week. They are spread across the year.

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