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Earmuff Day

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About Earmuff Day

When is Earmuff Day? This holiday is always celebrated on March 13

Earmuff Day is today. This March 13 holiday celebrates a warm invention…the earmuff! People in cold climates can really appreciate this day. And they are ever so thankful to the person who created them. If you live in Florida, you might not even know what an earmuff is.

Earmuffs keep your ears warm and protect you from ear infections and earaches resulting from icy cold wind and weather. Manufacturers have responded to their popularity with a variety of designs and colors, making one fit almost anyone’s personality.

How to Celebrate Earmuff Day

It is really easy to celebrate Earmuff Day…. just wear your earmuffs today!

You can also use your earmuffs to reduce loud noises. Your ears will thank you.

Today's Quote

“Before you can make a dream come true, you must first have one.” – – Ronald McNair

History and Origin of Earmuff Day

Big-eared Chester Greenwood is the father of the Earmuff. Greenwood patented the “Champion Ear Protector” on March 13, 1877. It later became known as “ear mufflers”, and was eventually shortened to “earmuffs”. While easily recognize why this date was selected, our research has not yet uncovered who created this special holiday. Perhaps, it was a descendant of Chester Greenwood!?

We recognize that this date was selected to celebrate the date they were invented. But, wouldn’t it be more logical to celebrate Earmuff Day in January or February, during the coldest days of the winter!?

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