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Dumbstruck Day

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About Dumbstruck Day

When is Dumbstruck Day? This holiday is always celebrated on March 15

The arrival of Dumbstruck Day leaves us dumbfounded. It’s no surprise that more and more people are dumbstruck on an increasingly frequent basis. The volumes of fake, false, and erroneous information being printed in the media, and especially in social media, makes it all but impossible to sort out the truth from the lies. Therefore, we all have the right to be hopelessly dumbstruck. And this March 15 holiday is the perfect time to feel this way.

Dumbstruck Day is a day to be totally dumbstruck and stupefied over the things you see, hear and read. You may easily be dumbstruck to read that someone created this special day. Some people are dumbstruck on a regular basis, day in and day out. The events in their lives and the world around them are overwhelming. Fortunately, that’s not you, at least we hope not.

However, everyone has the right to be dumbstruck once in a while. If you are normally embarrassed to be dumbstruck, then today is truly a special day. Today, you can be dumbstruck like the rest of us without guilt or embarrassment.

If you are dumbfounded and thunderstruck about the very existence of Dumbstruck Day, there are even more inane holidays to celebrate. I bet you can’t wait until National Ampersand Day arrives. And, you just missed Be Nasty Day, celebrated a few days ago.

How to Celebrate Dumbstruck Day

  • Think about all of the news and information that is making you dumbstruck. Then, take action to eliminate or disregard them.
  • If something finds you dumbfounded today, just go with the flow.
  • Don’t add to the confusion. Make extra certain that whatever you say or do today, does not cause someone else to be dumbstruck.

Thought for Today

If I had to rate the solar system, I’d give it one star.

History and Origin of Dumbstruck Day

We researched this special holiday in the early 2000s, and again in the early 2020s. We did not find the creator of this day, nor the reason it was created. Frankly, we are totally stupefied and thunderstruck that no one has stepped forward and claimed to be the creator of this day.

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